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Because we must

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Hollywood Bowl ticket [01 Jun 2007|01:19pm]

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Unfortunately I have one spare ticket for Morrissey's concert at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday, June 8, and I need to let another lucky person have it.
I'm selling it for Less than what I paid for. It's a seat in the 15th row of the D section. I'm selling it for $50. Leave me a comment so that we can meet and do the exchange.

Thank you and hope you can make it!


It's download week [12 Feb 2007|09:44pm]

It’s download week

Just a reminder that from today through until Sunday the18th is the download ‘Life is a Pigsty’ week

If your not familiar with the available download sites then you can visit the ‘where to download’ section on the http://www.getmozinthecharts.vze.com/ website, where you will find a list of download sites.

NON-UK FANS can also find options in the ‘where to download’ section on how you can take part.

Also For NON-UK fans or UK fans

‘Buy it now’ ‘Life is a pigsty’ downloads now available on ebay


Also I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped and shown support for this experiment, epically robersombie who created and set up the website. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

I’ve said this a number of times, but for this to work we need everyone to get involved so please download ‘Life is a pigsty’ and let’s show radio 1 what real music sounds like.

Let’s make this happen

Thank you

Don’t you want to make this man smile?
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it’s not great photoshopping, but you get the idea ;)

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